Objects of all Desires

Jun. 7 – Aug. 25, 2012

Documenting society as an open source, the object in contemporary art becomes conceptual art in itself and gives shape to a medium that portrays today’s ideology in art. ‘Objects of all Desires’, at Galerie [SAS] features the aesthetic power of the object and states a social critique by linking objects to consumer ideology.

Catherine Bolduc’s ‘Rocking Reflexion’ invites our minds to imagine diverse angles to a situation. A pair of high heal shoes half immersed in a mirror, the reflective  surface multiplies the possibilities of interpretation. A moment of frail balance, perspective alters in a pivot. Possessing an object but being unable to accomplish its purpose. How does this instability depict our persona?

As if born in the reflection of Bolduc’s piece, ‘Mirroir d’urgence’ by Véronique La Perrière gets our attention. Past lives and romantic tales start taking shape in the beauty and preciousness of a vintage hand held mirror. There, where our face should appear there is only plain glass, a faint imitation of our face, a reminder perhaps that human life is ephemeral.

A fleeting moment present again in ‘Little Bird’ by Karine Payette. 
An open cage. A bird with paper wings sits surrounded by an almost perfect snow white environment…. Poetry of the impossible.

Patrick Bérubé’s ‘The Ball’ centers our attention to a concept. What does it mean to have? Objects usually become an extension of us, mirroring our being. This extension applies also to our pets, about whom we figure a whole universe that is no more than an alternative universe for the self.
‘Objects of all Desires’ entertains the public with common objects elevated to art. These objects relate to universal experiences. They provoke thoughts about individuality and creative trends.

Objects of all Desires, Galerie [SAS]

Galerie [SAS]
372 Ste Catherine West suite 416
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